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icons for books. no images of actors allowed.
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- Imagination Only Icons -
No Emma Watson, Billy Boyd, Emily Browning, Alan Rickman, Matthew McFadyen, Gaspard Ulliel, Liv Tyler, James McAvoy, Kristen Stewart, Daniel Craig, Boyd Holbrook, or Colin Firth.

No, not even Sir Ian McKellan.

I generally do not make icons. That's why I'm often looking for them. Sometimes when I'm looking for icons for book series fandoms, I can't find any that don't just have images from the movies or ones of celebrities other fans have come to associate with certain characters when that's not what I'm looking for. I have to look through many posts in hp_icons before I find anything different from the same old Dan Radcliffe pictures when all I wanted was a text icon. The popularity of using particular actors for some characters can make one feel a little alienated in their book fandom, especially if Steven Strait is just not your Jacob Black and you never even liked Elijah as Frodo much.

So even though it may be a little odd because I know nothing about making icons, I made this community for posting icons for any books at all, the only restriction being that they don't use images of real people.

What kind of icons are allowed:

- Icons for BOOKS. Books only. Any books. Graphic novels can count. They don't have to be for books with a huge fandom to speak of. They don't have to be for a story that has been or ever will be made into a movie.
- Text/quote icons
- Icons using cover art or illustrations from books
- Icons made with fan art
- Icons with any images of places or objects related to the books

General rules:

- If you post/pimp a batch of icons here that has ones with images of actors or other celebrities in addition to ones without that are suitable for this community, that's okay.
- Be considerate and follow the usual icon ettiquette; no stealing, altering without permission, using people's art without credit, etc.
- Other graphics besides icons that fit the above criteria are welcome.
- You don't have to make icons to join.
- Please tag your entries with the name of the book or book series your icons are for.
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